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Any color has its specific lightness, hue and purity. Use the hue/saturation and replace colors commands to adjust to the three elements of the image color.

1. "Hue/Saturation" command

The Hue/saturation command adjusts the color and brightness of the image, as well as the degree to which it can be resized.

The hue/saturation command has 2 features: first, you can adjust the color of the image based on the hue and saturation of the color, which you apply to a specific range of colors or have the same effect on all colors on the color spectrum. The second is to color the image by applying the new hue and saturation value while preserving the original image brightness.

Hue: As the name implies is all kinds of color appearance appellation, such as red, placom, lemon yellow and so on. This option can be used to change the hue of the image.

Saturation: This option is used to enhance the color concentration of the image.

Lightness: This option adjusts the intensity of the image.

Coloring: This option can apply a hue and saturation to an entire image or selection. Enables the shading option, and if the foreground color is black or white, the image is converted to a red hue.

If the foreground color is not black or white, the image tint is converted to the hue of the current foreground color. This is because when the shading option is enabled, the value of the lightness of each pixel does not change, and the saturation value is 25. The hue changes depending on the foreground color.

Color masks: You can make changes specifically for a particular color, and the other colors are the same, which is the color mask. In this option, you can make changes to red, yellow, green, cyan, blue, magenta 6 colors.

In the edit Drop-down List of the dialog box, the default is the entire image color mask, which selects any color, such as red, except for the entire diagram option. Then keep the other option parameters unchanged, set the "saturation" parameter to 65, and find that the color concentration of the flower part is enhanced.

2. "Replace Color" command

The Replace color command is similar to some features in the hue/saturation command that you just introduced, which allows you to select a color and then change the hue, saturation, and brightness values of the selected area.

Opens an image, performs the image adjustment replace Color command, and pops up the Replace Color dialog box.

Select color: The color you want to change appears, you can double-click the color block to open the Select Target Color dialog box to select a color.

Color tolerance: Drag the Color Tolerance slider or enter a value to adjust the mask tolerance. This slider controls the extent to which related colors are included in the selection.

Eyedropper tool: When you open the Replace Color dialog box, by default the selection color displays the foreground colors, you can use the Eyedropper tool to click in the image to select the color you want to change. You can also use the "Add to Sample" button

and "Subtract from sample" button

Adjusts the range of colors for a selection.

Replace: This option group is used to display the resulting color and to adjust the hue, saturation, and lightness of the resulting color. The following figure is the replacement effect chart.

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