Photoshop and ImageReady to draw small fireworks animation

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Draw a small fireworks animation, the production sequence is also the first in Photoshop to draw the animation elements, and then complete the animation in the ImageReady.

The following are the results of the completion

To draw an animated element in Photoshop

First, the new size is 8*8 cm, RGB mode, 72DPI resolution of the canvas.

Second, create a new layer, with the gradient tool to create a background.

Third, create a new layer, with the Round marquee tool, shape tool, gradient tool, and fill command to draw the face and facial features of the boy and girl.

Iv. draw their bodies with shape tools and gradient tools.

Five, the above method will be their head changes to create a few layers.

VI. Use marquee tools and gradient tools to produce fireworks.

Seven, use the word tool and the copper carving in the filter to make the fireworks effect, then uses the choice color range the method to divide it into several layers.

Enter Imgaeready

The number of layers that change the head of a boy and girl are hidden or visible in different frames.

The various states of the fireworks are hidden or visible in different frames.

Ten, the animation set to "always valid", 0.2 seconds per frame. Note that when the child turns around, the two frames are set to 0.5 seconds, and the layers are hidden or visible in different frames in order, the principle is if you want to move, you can directly move in the fixed frame to show a different position, if you want to deform, you want to copy another layer to reproduce.

In the Optimization panel, set the optimization value to achieve the best animation effect and file size.

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