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Recently help a friend to do imitation 3D wedding photo album, simply also put this figure into imitation 3D wedding film, I hope the owner like the wedding, because the GIF limit file size, can only shrink into small figure.

My "daring" is the hope that the plane tool can make imitation 3D effect, search many PS forum, so far did not find similar themes. Show the effect of the navigation, in addition to the camera to locate the burst, with a single picture in PS make it seem more difficult,

PS Lack of 3D modeling, can only imitate the scene before and after moving visual changes to do a GIF, the characters of the side of the current plug-in, but I tried, can only be face (regret).

Choose the best choice of scenery level rich, the characters are not blocked, depth of view or adjacent objects, of course, is more divided into several layers of better results.

This example I divided 5 layers after the combination.

1. Figure out the whole, the necessary repair, color, is stacked to improve the level of wedding details, to repair the original dress, the lower end of the men's trousers flowers, give down the prospect of moving to make a real sense.

2. Fix the background, pay attention to the scenery and the surrounding contrast, and can dissolve with the characters. The scene patching, may use the original material deceitful Act, finally uses the stamp modification, you may try the layer pattern to demonstrate the level of diversification more.

3. Find the best moving object in the original image, and pull out the material to move the background.

4. The good material carries on each layer movement arrangement, this tests the realistic angle of view effect the Kungfu. My practice is mainly to use the camera to burst down (of course, to tripod) to CuO before the movement of the scene changes.

5. Finally, PS comes in handy with GIF tools.

Tutorial Artwork:

Effect Chart:

Blue channel, strong light calculation 2 times

Dig out the characters and trim the lower flowers.


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