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The application of special text effect is an important branch of PS application, some functional operation although simple, but the application is very wide, this example to a simple embossed carving of the production as an example to tell, mainly related to repair tools, text tools, projection and bevel and embossed style of use, interested friends can try!

Effect chart


1, this example of the same tutorial using Photoshop CS5 Production, the other versions of the basic application, first opened the case of the stone carving original image, as shown below:

2, because the original image of the stone tablet has lettering, so we have to wipe off the lettering, this situation can generally through the Clone stamp tool to operate, this example we adopt another way, with the patch tool to operate, first select the Patch tool, as shown in the following figure:

3, the use of the repair tool is relatively simple, and controllable than imitation stamp good, by default, is the patch source, that is, the area to be patched in the mouse circle, and then drag the area to the location used for imitation, we first do the first step, hold down the left mouse button, and then drag the mouse to circle a small piece of text area, as shown in the following figure:

4, release the mouse, you will find the area in the circle as a selection of the form, as shown in the following figure:

5, move the mouse to the selection, you will find the mouse pointer found changes, as shown in the following figure:

6, hold down the left button, drag the selection to the area used to repair The imitation, here is mainly to find the blank area without lettering, in the absence of the mouse can preview to the effect, as shown in the following figure:

7, release the mouse, then you will find the original lettering of the selected area has not, the function and effect is basically similar to the imitation stamp, as shown in the following figure:

8, the next thing to do is to repeat the previous steps, the three lettering all wiped out, here to pay attention to is not impatient, as far as possible a small piece of the area to repair, and to repair the imitation location to be changeable, not fixed in a certain area, so that the final repair effect will be natural lifelike, as shown in the following figure:

9, a word can be divided into several pieces of small areas to repair, and gradually refinement, as shown in the following figure:

10, the following image is after five or six times after the repair of the first word erase the effect:

11, use the same method to wipe out all three lettering, the general effect as shown in the following figure:

12, the next we began to make embossed lettering, the first choice of vertical type tools, set the font you want, this case to choose the Chinese Xingkai, size appropriate, this example set 120, vigorous, as shown in the following figure:

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