Photoshop automatic color levels, auto contrast, and automatic colors

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Many beginners are always unable to handle the color of the photo. Don't worry, Photoshop is like a camera with a palette of "automatic", you can easily "automatic levels", "automatic Contrast" and "Automatic Color", this practical and efficient method in most cases can help us get better results, Now let us study together!

First, automatic color order

How to use:

1, select [Image]→[adjust]→[levels] (shortcut key: ctrl+l), and then click the [Auto] button

2, or with the mouse to select [Image]→[adjust]→[automatic levels] (shortcut key: ctrl+shift+l).

Two, automatic contrast degree

Select Menu Bar [image]→[adjust]→[Auto Contrast] (shortcut key: alt+shift+ctrl+l)

Three, automatic color

Select Menu Bar [image]→[adjust]→[auto Color] (accelerator: ctrl+shift+b)

Contrast chart before and after adjustment effect:


Effect chart

PS Photo Color automatic file

As we all know, cameras generally have "automatic files", Photoshop has also configured the color "automatic file", that is, "automatic levels", "automatic Contrast" and "automatic color."

It only takes three simple steps, and is automatic adjustment, do not need to judge the color value of how much, the difference between the light and dark, and so on, you can according to the picture of the situation alone or integrated use of these several functions, as long as your photos in the exposure of the basic accurate situation, adjust the optimization effect is very significant.

This is a set of practical and fast methods, in the actual operation, can be based on the picture of the situation alone or integrated use of these several functions, as long as the photo exposure is basically accurate, in most cases it will help us get satisfactory image effect, so, do not underestimate this "fool mode" Oh ~ ~

First, automatic color order:

Steps: Menu bar [image]→[adjust]→[automatic levels] (shortcut: ctrl+shift+l, select "Automatic").

Two, automatic contrast degree

Steps: Menu bar [image]→[adjust]→[Auto Contrast] (accelerator: alt+shift+ctrl+l)

Three, automatic color

Steps: Menu bar [image]→[adjust]→[auto Color] (accelerator: ctrl+shift+b)

Adjust before and after contrast chart:

Before adjustment

After adjustment

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