Photoshop bottle Still Life photography fresh and transparent Japanese style tutorial

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Japanese life Photography with its exquisite clean and wind quickly won everyone's favorite, as a young photographer, many people also like to use such creative techniques to record the moving around.

Those small scenery carries a person's recollection, the dream, the hope and the gentleness, has propped up a big inner world. A lot of small things are especially photogenic, so we can't help recording them on the first time.

The bottle can be said to be a typical representative, today to share with us the late creative experience of the Mimu, is a pure bottle control, let us start from his bottle,

Walk slowly into these life photography with feelings!

1. Comparison diagram and original slice analysis

The original piece analysis: Transparent bottle in the sky background, appears very transparent, but the color is slightly dull, not ideal. There are no problems in composition, mainly for the later stage of color matching.

Solution: Through the color palette, let the tone contrast weaken, adjust to the kind of particularly clean and flat colors.

Effect Picture: Very satisfied, and I think the feeling is similar.

2. The original piece level basic adjustment

The original piece color is gray, color is too dark, the level is not strong enough, first do basic adjustment, curve adjustment whole brightness, and then merge effect layer, copy a layer, mode for soft light, opacity is 40%,

The whole picture is bright and fresh after adjusting

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