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Beach photo, most of the photos with the sea as the background (a bit of nonsense), tonal can be adjusted to lively, can also be adjusted into elegant refreshing ...

Today in this side to share a I commonly used a color way! Technology is also the book above to learn, but added a number of personal insights in it!

Effect Chart:

Original film:

Step 1: First copy "Ctrl+j" (the first step of the repair diagram OH); We can observe the original image, will find the face of the character is too dark, the gap is a bit large;

Then we first highlight the dark part of the processing;

Method 1: Directly press Ctrl+alt+2 to extract the high light selection;

Method 2: Open the Channel panel and click the "Load Channel as a selection" button at the bottom;

Method 3: Execute the "select", "Color range" command, select the "High Light" command in the Drop-down list;

4: The implementation of the "image", "Calculation" command (the specific method of operation is not detailed, because this method to extract the high light, the middle tone, the dark is the best drop, the need for friends can find me;

The previous three methods can be universal)

Step 2: Press the shortcut key "Shift+ctrl+i" will select the reverse, and then press the "Ctrl+j" key to copy the dark part, get Layer 1, change its blending mode for color filtering, the purpose is to highlight the dark part.

The novice friend must have the question, why should use the filter color? The color filter and the positive overlay are a pair of functional opposite modes. In a word: color filter is generally used to improve brightness,

A positive overlay is generally used to reduce brightness. Other do not have to control, on the mixed mode after the tutorial will be systematic to give you a description, to ensure that you will never forget it

Step 3: What's next (⊙o⊙)?

Since the high light part of the process has been affected, we are going to restore the high light portion. Hold down the ALT key while you click the Add Layer Mask button at the bottom of the layers panel.

Get the Black Mask version. Then select the Brush tool (accelerator B) opacity settings 20% to 50%, emphasizing that the value of this thing according to personal feeling, my side set is 40%!

Smear the dark part of the character, brightening the dark part, while ensuring that the highlights and background are not affected.

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