Photoshop brings out the yellow complexion of the wedding atmosphere

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This tutorial mainly uses Photoshop to analyze the Chinese wind wedding samples later commercial fine repair process, the effect of the treatment is very beautiful, the overall style is very Chinese fan, business fine repair important is careful, the following let us to study together.

Effect Chart:

Original film:

1, first you get the map, to learn to analyze pictures, we want to observe, clothing, scenes, props to determine what a picture to do what kind of tone "scene of China Imperial ancestral temple, clothing to people feel is Oriental costume, there are men sitting props box, give us the feeling is retro feeling, the tone of the wall should be Vermilion Red as a supplement" Luxurious cinnabar red "yellow to yellow for the overall tone" yellow on behalf of the dignified, elegant, and yellow color will give a warm feeling of comfort ";

2, the first step we found that the entire photo dark some dark clothing on the highlight some light, we need to adjust, I use the technique is shadow-high light tool, this step is to make the picture as a whole in a grayscale above;

3, the second step we did in the last step is to let the photo in a grayscale. Now I need to make the photos more contrast, so that the overall level of the picture is a little more "I use the curve to strengthen the contrast between the light and dark;"

4, the previous step we have done a comparison, I personally think that the contrast is still missing some of this I use the soft light mode to strengthen the contrast "in order to facilitate our drawing of the PSD, I use hue saturation instead of stamped layer, in hue saturation with soft light", Now we find that the contrast is a little too strong. We reduce the opacity of this layer to mediate.

5, this time we look at the overall level and contrast of photos, almost all the same, but the color is not right, too stuffy no high light, uneven skin color, I commonly used the method, first of all, with hue saturation to change the hue of the skin "contains two colors, one is red, one is yellow, There is also a mixing color is red + yellow = orange "everyone see my operation;" I first adjust the red hue, so that his complexion is yellow, I am in the yellow adjustment "hue we all know, is the color of appearance, saturation, is the brightness of the color, that brightness, is the intensity, to me in the yellow inside Gamindo, Let the skin light up, and then move some hue adjustment, let the color even some, this time we will find that the high light in the photo highlights the overall color of the skin is good.

6, color matching is a step-by-step process, need 1.1 points to add color or reduce color, the last step I said the color inside contains red and yellow I am in the optional color, the details of the color adjustment "We just use hue saturation to adjust the skin when there are some messy color, Here I would emphasize that hue saturation is a general adjustment of the picture, so we adjust some of the extra colors inside the skin in the optional color. Let the skin color evenly.

7, the last two steps we have a skin tone adjustment, now I want to do is the overall color of the picture adjustment. The first step: when we analyze the photos, I said how to analyze the photos, I will not repeat here, first, I want the dark part red. I use the dark part of the curve to pull up, so the dark will have red, and then I adjust the blue channel, blue contrast color is yellow, so I put the blue channel of the high light downward pressure, so that the whole will be slightly yellow, I put the dark part in the blue channel slightly blue, make a color contrast so that the picture will have a more harmonious color contrast.

8: Now we want to make the whole color of the picture light up. I use hue saturation to add overall photo photo Color "A lot of people ask me, How do you get some pictures?, the level is better, in fact, the picture is gray or not through two reasons first color gray second is the level of gray no contrast. The top steps we're going to do are the layers and the grayscale processing of the photos. Now I want to add color to the photo so that the photo is transparent. "I used two times for hue saturation. The first time you make a selection, The ground saturation is lower, so I added a picture of the ground to the overall saturation, then the walls, the walls are red I use the hue saturation of the red channel. The overall saturation adjusts the shading of the color and hue. This comes out of some vermilion red.

9: Now the whole feeling has come out. The next thing I'm going to do is to modify the skin. "I was building a 50 grayscale layer, using a gradient map to do an observation layer with the deepening of the Dodge work processing color block, the reduction of the value of 8-10 between" this technique is a commercial repair diagram, in the gray trim, This modifies the texture of the skin and does not move. The quality of the skin over homogeneous photo is relatively high.

10: After the skin is decorated intact, feel the person's complexion and the scene still some does not fuse, this time I put the character skin to make a choice to use the color balance adjustment "The color balance function is to control the color a balance" then reduces the layer the opacity to balance the skin color one degree.

11: After the character skin tone adjustment, still lacks some overall feeling, now again uses the gradual mapping to let the overall picture color balance, from the bright to the dark all has some excessive "I use the blue to the orange one gradient mode to change the color to reduce the opaque bottom to adjust"

12: Now we're going to start checking the details out of place, Look at the wall above a lot of dirty and peeling place. Half of us use seals, repair tools to repair, I used a relatively simple way to select the wall, and then create a blank layer with a straw suction the color of the wall and then pull a gradient on the finish.

13: When the details of the adjustment, I found that there are some problems with the skin, I use the optional color to adjust the yellow inside, noise "Why choose yellow because of the color balance before we adjust the skin when I add more color is yellow, so I adjust yellow."

14: In looking at the color of the clothes, some not bright to people feel a bit broken, we choose the clothes to use, color balance adjust the color of the clothes, give it "clothes add color"

15: Finished "logo, call it off"

Final effect:

Note : More wonderful tutorials Please pay attention to the triple Photoshop tutorial section, triple PS group: 311270890 welcome you to join

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