Photoshop brings up Street View photos and warm morning effects

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A good-looking picture, if not the color is good, but the lighting effect is good, but have a good composition, of course, but also have good image quality. The following photo is taken on the street of Bole, because of the early shooting time, the overall picture of the blue-gray, you can say there is no bright spot. Through the late stage, I want to treat this film as a warm and warm color. After processing, the picture becomes a little better and can be made to look.

Effect 2 is the morning walk in the same location, the street lamp has not extinguished, a bit like the night effect, casually made a bit, processing methods and ideas and the same as before, I put the original image also sent up

001, the average color. The use of curve or color price or color balance tools can be adjusted. Here is an easy to use: automatic color, the color balance of the picture has been improved

002. Lighten the dark part. Perform image/adjust/shadow/Highlight

003, strengthen the color. Conversion image mode is: Cbyk, respectively, the red, yellow Channel to do the application of image operations, where the yellow channel to do two application image operation, set unchanged, the purpose is to strengthen the yellow

004. Emphasize the effect of light and shadow. Convert to Smart filter, filter/render/lighting effects/selection: Full light, double click on Lighting Effect, pop-up dialog, change the lighting effect blending option mode to: Soft light

005, the picture to adjust the tone. Stamped layer (press ctrl+alt+shift+e) to create a color balance adjustment layer that adjusts the high light/midtones/shadows of the image, respectively

006, the perfect treatment. Create a new blank layer and fill it with gray to darken the upper left corner and the lower part of the street. Finally, the tree in the street to make a local light a little bit, and then the USM sharpening after the end of the

Final effect Diagram

Note : More wonderful tutorials Please pay attention to the triple Photoshop tutorial section, triple PS group: 311270890 welcome you to join

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