Photoshop brings up the fresh shore Tian Tanying Flavor Tutorial

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To the users of Photoshop software to the detailed analysis to share a refreshing shore Tian Tanying Flavor of the tutorial.
Tutorial Sharing:
1. First import the original image into Lightroom

Analysis: Fresh painting wind, shadow, green bias, reduce saturation, increase the picture sense of permeability.

2, reduce the high light, raise the shadow, increase the contrast degree. Color temperature:-2, Contrast: +17, highlight:-6, Shadow: +47, Black color level: +66.

3, Pull curve. The typical Japanese curve of the pull method, while increasing the contrast of the screen, when the screen saturation is very high, can be HSL and camera calibration to continue to adjust.


4, using HSL to adjust the leaves and skin color.
Skin color is usually controlled by orange and yellow, reduce saturation appropriately, increase the degree of Ming. If the effect of LR is not satisfactory, then you can import PS use the optional color/curve, such as further refinement, green hue to the cyan adjustment, reduce saturation, increase the degree of freshness, fresh effect, the first emerge.

Green: Hue +11, saturation-30, brightness +100
Orange: Saturation-13, brightness +28

5, the use of separate tones, to the high light plus cyan.

Highlights: Hue +188, saturation +7
Many Japanese-style photos may give a highlight Gatzing, shade yellow, or vice versa, depending on the specific picture.

6, adjust the three primary colors. Again reduce the saturation of the green, so that the screen more light, increase the saturation of the blue color, is to make the screen more transparent, many photos can be tried, but not absolute.

Red primary color: saturation-5
Green Primary: Saturation-20
Blue Primary color: +23

7, LR adjusted picture to import PS refined skin tone.
To create a new layer with optional colors, select yellow:
Reduce green (also let the color of the red more natural), reduce yellow, black (increase brightness) value do not pull too much, you can repeatedly establish the color of the layer to continue to adjust, is very useful technology, but also applicable to the adjustment of the skin tone.

Final effect:

Well, the above information is small compiled to you photoshop this software users brought to the detailed pull out of the refreshing shore Tian Tanying Flavor of the tutorial to share the full content of the You see the users here, now you are very clear about the production of the tutorial, then you guys quickly to make their own try it.

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