Photoshop call out a fresh and transparent portrait photo effect tutorial

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Let's give you a detailed analysis of the effect of the fresh and transparent portraits.
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Color start:
The first step is to add an optional color adjustment layer. The value is as follows:




Step 2: adjust the highlights and shadows by using color balance. Some people may ask why the so-called "null" means "color", "color" means "null", "Yin" means "high", and "high" means "yin,
The principle of yin and yang reconciliation is too esoteric for fear that you will not understand it. Simply put, this method is like a traditional Chinese medicine method. Although Western medicine is an immediate result, it gives people a hard feeling, you should understand.




Of course, the effect of combining Chinese and Western is better. As shown in the figure, take a small needle and compare it. The effect is displayed.


Sharpen the background and increase the definition to make the photo look better.


Look, the effect is coming out. Although the effect is coming out, we are still greedy. If we render it again, will the effect be more beautiful.


Love is the magic of the future, the magic of the Arctic lights, and the magic of the future,
OK. We will add a light to the gradient, as shown in the figure above.


The layer mode is changed to the color filter, and the light appears. To increase the highlight of the topic, we create a layer and press it to hide it.




The partner may feel that the big work has been completed. In fact, we still need to deal with it in one step, that is, we need to adjust the color of the hidden angle we just added.


Then we will call it back, and our friends will say, are you ill? Call it out and call it back. This is not the case, as said above,
Null is color, and the color is empty. If it is not adjusted, it is the real one. You should understand it.



Final effect!


All right, the above information is all the content that is shared by the tutorials that show the effect of fresh and transparent portraits to the users of this software in photoshop, you can see that the software users here, Xiaobian believes that everyone is now very clear color tutorial, so all the software users will follow the tutorial to bring up fresh and transparent portraits.

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