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This tutorial mainly uses Photoshop to make three-dimensional effect of chocolate cream font, Valentine's Day is coming, that day lovers are most like roses and chocolate. So today I'm going to teach you how to create romantic chocolate cream text effects using layer styles, so you can learn how to make the best use of layer styles, create mouth-watering chocolates, and give it to your sweetheart.

Effect Chart:

Here we first create a new file, the size is 1280 x 720px, plus a purple radial gradient.

We are using a larger font, so that we can better add layer style, where we use the bubble Boddy, play "love" words, fill color #2d1b07

To focus on, now start adding layer styles to make creamy chocolate-like text effects.

When you have finished adding the above, the effect is as follows, if not, check the font color and layer style parameters right:

Chocolate style text is OK, now to add a little cream to the text, first copy the entire text layer, then right-click, clear layer style, fill color #dd4fa2

Make a selection using the rectangular marquee tool, as shown in figure:

After the marquee is finished, add a mask for this layer

Mask added, add filter effect to text, filter > Twist > Water Wave, make rippling effect

Add Layer Style

The end result is as follows:

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