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To understand and use color, we must master the principles and methods of color induction and collation. And the main thing is to master the attributes of color.

Color, can be divided into no color and there are two major categories of color. The former is black and white. Gray, the latter such as red, yellow, blue and other colorful.

There is a color is the spectrum of some kind or some hue, collectively referred to as color modulation. On the contrary, there is no colour without color.

No color is bright and dark, white, black, also known as Hue. The color performance is complex, but can be determined with three sets of special micro values. One is the color, that is, hue, the second is the light, that is, lightness, the third is the color strong, that is, purity, color degree. Lightness, color to determine the state of color. A three-attribute called color. Lightness and Hue are merged into the color state of the second line, called Hue. Some people interpret lightness as a hue, which is not comprehensive.


When it comes to lightness, it is advisable to have no color in hand, for there is no color but one dimension, so much debate. (Fig) The brightest is white, the darkest is black. As well as black and white between different degrees of gray, have the intensity of light and dark performance. If divided by a certain interval, it constitutes a light and shade scale. There is color that depends on the value of lightness, but also by adding and reducing gray, white tune to adjust the light and shade.

Japan Color Research Color System (P.C.C S.) Using level nine, the door stopper uses level 11 to denote the light and shade, both of which use a series of numbers to indicate the lightness. The surface lightness of an object is related to the reflectivity of its surface. To reflect more, to absorb less, is to be bright, but rather dark. Only 100% of the reflected light, is the ideal of white, the absolute absorption of light, is the ideal of black. Things are not going to buy us around this ideal phenomenon, so people often put the most ideal white magnesium sulfide crystalline surface as a white standard. In P.c.c.s system, Black is ' 1, gray tune is, 4.5. 5.5, 6.5, 7.5, 8.5, White is 9.5. The more white, the higher the brightness, the more black, the lower the brightness. The popular division, has the highest, high, slightly high, medium, slightly low, low, the lowest seven levels. In the middle of level nine, if you add their boundary level, that is, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. 8, 9, it will be 17 brightness level.

There is a color of light and shade, its purity of lightness, with no color gray tone of the corresponding Mindolai to express its corresponding value of lightness. The brightness is generally used to mark up and down vertically. The top is white, the bottom is black, and then according to the sense of the hair adjustment level, into the gray tune. ' This indicates the vertical axis of light and shade, which is called No color axis, is the middle axis of color stereo.


There is color is included color, namely group, yellow, blue and so on several color clan, these color clan is called Hue.

The initial basic hue is: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. In the middle of a variety of colors inserted one or two middle color, its tail and hue, according to the spectral order: red, salmon, yellow orange, yellow, yellow green, green, green and blue, blue-green, blue, blue, violet, purple. Red purple, red and purple in addition to a middle color, can produce 12 basic hue.

These 12 hue color change, in the spectral color sense is homogeneous. If you further find the colors, you can get 24 hues. If the spectrum of red, orange, green, blue, purple color belt circle up, in the red and violet inserted half, forming a ring of hue relationship, it is called Hue ring. The basic hue between the middle color, that is 12 hue ring. Further is the 24 hue ring. In the circle of hue ring, each color adjustment is arranged according to different angle, then 12 hue ring each hue spacing is 30 degrees. 24 hue ring Each hue spacing is 15 degrees.

The P.C.C.S system makes a uniform name and symbol of the rule for hue. Among them red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, refers to its "positive" color (of course, the so-called "normal" understanding, the habit of all around the same). The color is represented by a single capital letter, which is represented by an equal number of two uppercase letters, with an unequal blending color, mainly in uppercase letters and lowercase letters to color. The only exception is blue violet with V instead of BP. V is the first letter of the Violet, for the hue of the alphabet as a mark, easy to use correctly and easy to remember the beginner.

The Japanese in this way to divide and set the color name, apparently with the Mensel 10 hue, 20 hue with. Mensel system is red, yellow, green, blue, purple five-colored as the basic color, called it yellow red. Therefore, p, C, C, s system of 24 color is also classified into 10 categories.

Color degree

A hue color tone, but also strong and weak points. Take the red, there are bright and no impurities in the pure red, astringent and like dry residue of the "apoptotic Rose", there are relatively weak pink. They are the same hue, but not strong or weak, commonly known as (Sa+ura+lon) or color products. Color degree commonly used to refer to, the higher the color, the more pure color, the more colourful, the lower the color, the more astringent, the more turbid. A solid color is the highest level of color.

To show the color degree, the horizontal horizontal axis is generally used. With no color vertical axis as the point, in the hue ring a hue direction stretching away, according to the color from the low to high points for several levels, P, C, C, s system will be divided into nine levels, to s for its scale units. The minimum is.

The highest is G S. The closer to the no color vertical axis, the lower the color. No color axis without a little color, it can be said that the color of O S. Far from the color-free axis is a high color, the endpoint is a solid color, that is, the color hue of the spectrum.

Color is such a graded: according to the brightness of purity, to find its corresponding gray tune, divided into nine equal parts (according to the feeling), one by adding a solid color, at the same time buckle to the color of a. So we get eight consecutive chromatic degrees of the solid color. 5 S is deducted to 4/9 pure color to add 4/9 of the amount of ash; ISG is deducted 8/9 purity, added 8/9 solid color, added 8/9 gray amount.

Popular method of division, and nine degree of color corresponding. With high, slightly high, medium, slightly low, low five to mark.

Stereo Color Standard

We have the above white light mixed in the brightness, hue and color of the organization, selected from the bottom, on each cross section of the same color, on the cross section of the color of the lower cross section of the paint mark higher than the brightness. Then the black, white, gray as the center axis, center out, • Make the same cylinder, the color standard of the same purity, the outer cylinder than the inner cylinder of high purity. And then the center axis of the team outwards, each profile color is the same hue, so that different longitudinal sections of the hue of different red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue, purple and other hues from the center of the central axis in the clockwise order, so that the thousands of color standard organized to become a three-dimensional color standard. At present, the effect of large stereo color standard is Osterhalt and Mensel color standard.

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