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This Photoshop palette tutorial is to learn to use PS of Poetic beach shells, mainly used in material photos, curve adjustment layer, optional color adjustment layer, external filter topaz and USM sharpening. The final color of the beach shell poetic freehand brushwork, than the original image more beautiful colors and levels. Like this photo effect of the people may wish to learn to see, refueling.


The specific palette steps are as follows:

Step 1

Open the shell photos and copy the layers.

Create a new curve adjustment layer, set as follows.

There was a slight change in color.

Step 2

Create a new optional color adjustment layer, set as follows. Improve the base tone of the screen.

Step 3

Create a new blank layer and press CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + E-stamped layer.

Use the external filter topaz to soften it, as shown in the figure.

The sandy beaches were much softer and the tiny white sand was almost invisible.

Step 44

Re-build Curve adjustment layer, set as figure, create a yellow tone.

Step 5

Detail adjustment. Create a new exposure adjustment layer, set as follows. ,

Create a new natural saturation adjustment layer, set as shown.

Step 6)

Create a new layer, stamped layer.

Perform a filter-sharpen-USM and set the following

Step 7

Observe that the yellow is too thick, and then build a curve adjustment layer, set the neutral color as follows.

Finally, add your favorite text.


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