Photoshop creates a dreamy color stream nebula Word

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The text part of the effect picture is basically not specially treated, the author just gives the text edge, the background and so on some added some smog, starlight, spot and so on adornment, such overall effect equally very beautiful.

  The final effect of the Photoshop tutorial

1, open Photoshop, according to the poster need to create a new canvas, the size of 1500px*2000px, resolution of 72dpi, the background is dark gray fill. Set as shown in the following figure.

2, click here to download smoke brush, moved to the lower left corner of the canvas, smoke flowing direction toward the upper right corner, the diagonal distribution. Set smoke blending mode to filter, reduce opacity to 15%. The effect is shown in the following illustration.

3. Create a new layer in the layers panel, and use the Brush tool to set the purple, turquoise and pink as the following figure to draw.

4, change just draw the layer of the blending mode to overlay, so that the color point of the layer attached to the smoke. The effect is shown in the following illustration.

5, create a new layer, set the color palette in the foreground and background color is black and white, and then perform "Filter > Render > Cloud", determine the blending mode after changing the layer to overlay, and reduce the opacity of the bottom of 65%. The effect is shown in the following illustration.

6. Create a new layer, press SHIFT+F5 to fill the black, and then perform "Filters > Noise > Add Noise", set the number of about 10%, tick the Gaussian distribution and monochrome, set the layer blending mode to filter color, press Ctrl+l to adjust the color level, so that the screen rendering white dots.

Add a mask to the layer, then select the Brush tool, set the hardness low, the radius is large, adjust the white dots in the mask between the density and intensity. The effect is shown in the following illustration.

7, click here to download the Starlight Brush, and then set the following figure brush, the size set to 14px, spacing of 1000%. Tick shape dynamic, set the size jitter 100%, the minimum diameter is 0%. Then tick the scatter, set scatter to 100%, the quantity jitter is 100%, Shanping slippery. The brush settings are shown in the following illustration.

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