Photoshop creates a dynamic effect for a cyclists to jump out of the screen-PS tutorial

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Photoshop graphic tutorial: create a bicycle player that jumps out of the screen, which is extremely dynamic. First Look

Similar effects we have done before, such as escape from the photo frame athletes, the principle is basically the same. First, open the bike picture and use the quick selection tool to select the main character with the Magic Wand. press ctrl + J to copy the selection to the new layer.

Hide the copy layer, select the background, and use the graphic chapter tool to fix the background.

The copy layer is displayed, and we find the car entry and its proximity are unnatural. let's take a look at it. Use the magic wand or other tools to make the selection area as shown in. Note that the selection area is not

Delete a constituency. The effect is as follows:

Create a new layer at the bottom, draw a straight line with 1 pixel pencil drawing, rotate several copies, merge the layers, form the train bar, copy the train bar, move it to another wheel, and use the deepening tool to properly deepen the train bar

Open the notebook picture and drag the racing background

Ctrl + tpassthrough deformation

To make the screen more realistic, add a layer style

The effect is as follows. we can see that the screen is embedded in the screen.

Drag the drivers into the competition, scale and rotate, and process the details. The final effect is as follows.

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