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This tutorial is for beginners, and I include creating new brush presets and how to use pen tools. You will have more opportunities to practice layer blending mode, filters and free transform tools. Try!

Step 1

Create a new document, fill the black background, wide, set to 980*400px, and then you can change this setting, using Pixel/inch because the image created is used for the Web page.

Now, I create a brush preset to do this, the first step is to select the Brush tool, from the following some brushes,

Then give this brush, add the following diagram settings.

Shape dynamic



Make sure you choose the airbrush and have smooth options.

After completing this brush setting, we save it as a new brush, so we can use it later, click on the top left corner of the three right to click "New Brush preset."

and enter a pop-up window with the following content:

This is where you can see the preset brushes appear in the following Brush Selection window.

Step 2

Creating a new layer named "Lines", create a new layer call "lines", draw the following shape path with the pen tool.

Tip: Hold down the SHIFT key and drag the mouse up about 45 degrees to two anchor points.

And then right click Stroke Path

Then choose "Brush", and the other "simulated brush pressure" also tick.

You will have the following effect

Step 3

Still at this layer "lines", select "Filter"-"blur"-"dynamic Blur" command, and then set the following parameters.

Then set a dynamic blur, with the shortcut key (ctrl+f), you will see the following effect.

Add "gradient Overlay mode" To select these parameters. Chromatography-chromatographic gradients.

Copy this layer four times to make the layers blend together so they can see more clearly:

Step 4

Once again we repeat the "lines" Layer 3 times times and you will see the spectrum become clearer in color:

Then we put the duplicated layer, using the free transform tool to adjust to the following:

We can use the Transform tool (Ctrl + T then right-click to select "Warp") and turn it into the following graphic:

It's a deformation effect.

Step 5

Now we can really use our imagination and simply repeat this "lines" layer several times, rotate and resize each repeating layer until the result is desirable:

This is my effect so far:

Merge replication layers together.

We can also add a bit of spectral line to the ambient effect color. To do this, simply repeat the merge layer and apply the following settings to Gaussian blur (Filter > Blur: Gaussian Blur)

To change the copy layer blending mode to "linear light", you will have the following effects:

Add some final embellishment, remember, we created a new brush set in step 1? We can use it to add some nice points on the abstract line.

Create a new layer called dots on top of all the other layers, use brush presets to draw some and simple lines with a pen, and then select a stroke path.

Change the blending mode of the layer to "overlay".

Copy the dots layer and change the blending mode of the layer to "normal", then reduce its transparency to "15%" and then remove some unwanted parts.

This is the end of the tutorial! You can certainly further strengthen this image by adding some effects, textures and filters.

Here is the final version of this tutorial: (Added Cloud impact and sharpen image)

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