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Poster design is very challenging, the first design of the screen must have visual impact, so that will attract attention. Therefore, in the design of the time need from a number of aspects of comprehensive consideration (such as painting picture composition, color, etc.), the subject of the perfect performance. We can through the following strength to appreciate the design of foreign experts and design process. Unfortunately, the tutorial did not provide the original material map, we need to go to the Internet to find similar.
Final effect

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1, we started to create the file, here is created A4 size, of course, if your computer hardware is not very good can set the size you want, this does not require.

2, right click on the background layer, select gradient overlay. The colors are #464646 to #202020, and the other settings are as follows:

3, the curtain material dragged to the layer, the material download, in the use of ctrl+shift+u to color, set the transparency to 30%.

4. Create a new layer on top of the curtain. Then choose the Brush tool, the color is white, set as follows (here is to say because the creation of the layer is A4 paper, so the following set of brush size is 2000PX.) So everyone according to their own canvas to set up, and then click on the middle of the layer can be, brush drawing a circle can be set after his transparency, set to have the effect on the lighting, because everyone will be different displays, LCD and desktop is a difference.

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