Photoshop creates green embossed words with leaf decorations

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A slightly more complex font effect is best to copy several layers, the bottom is used to make the most basic color and texture, the other layer is used to make different textures and other special effects, and then with appropriate shading and decoration, the effect is very perfect.

Final effect

1, New 700 * 400 pixel file, let's start the background layer. Add a soft gray gradient to the first layer, using the gradient tool, the color value is: #dad8d8到 #cecccc.

Open the footage shown in the following image and define it as a pattern. Then open the Layer Style window and add pattern overlay using the pattern just defined.

2, add color overlay in the same window, use this color #969595. Make sure you set the blending mode for color deepening.

3, add a gradient fill layer with these gradient colors. Set gradient blending mode to soft light 100%. As you can see the gradient has some transparency where the opacity is 0%.

4, add a simple text "tree" of the capital letter. I'll use the default font in Photoshop CS4, Hobo Std. Set as follows. Text is not raster, avoid the scaling size will be jagged and fuzzy.

5, the tree text shape layer repeated 3 times. The tree text Shape 1 starts with the following layer styles: Bevel and emboss, color overlay, gradient overlay, pattern overlay.

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