Photoshop creates romantic outdoor wedding photos

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Final effect Diagram

Figure 0

1. First open the need to adjust the wedding film, in the heart there is a need to adjust the steps.

Figure 1

Develop a good habit, copy the background layer, get ' layer 1 ', in order to damage the original image in the adjustment, easy to find back, so as not to repeat some unnecessary operations. Then click the ' Create new fill or adjust Layer ' button below the layer to select ' optional color ' in the pop-up menu and adjust yellow below.

Figure 2

At this point you should see the color of the picture turned brighter, as shown in the following figure

Figure 3

2. Press Ctrl+alt+shift+e shortcut key to the layer seal, get ' Layer 2 ', set foreground color to #740b0d, press alt+delete key to Layer 2 fill color.

Figure 4

Set the blending mode of Layer 2 to ' hue ' and set his opacity to 90% to get the following effect.

Figure 5

Next, add a layer mask to Layer 2, set the foreground color to black, use the tip of the soft corner, and apply the brush on the character and the background sky to get the following effect.

Figure 6

3. After the completion of the picture to find the intensity is still not enough, in order to make the hierarchy more trenchant, we can adjust the ' brightness/contrast ' to make the image has three-dimensional. Click the ' Create new fill or adjust Layer ' button below the layer to select ' Brightness/contrast ' in the pop-up menu and set it as follows.

Figure 7

To highlight the theme effects, we'll add ' brightness/contrast ' again, with the same brightness/contrast as the previous step, and the following settings.

Figure 8

At this point you will find that this effect, of course, is not what we need.

Figure 9

Click on the ' brightness/contrast ' layer mask, select ' Gradient tool ', set foreground and background color as default, and choose ' foreground color to background color gradient ' to set ' radial gradient '.

Figure 10

Drag from the middle to the remote to pull out the gradient, you will get this effect.

Figure 11

4. Search for ' Abaddon ' fonts on the Web, download and load into the font library, enter fonts on the screen, font size appropriate. If you have this font, you save a lot of things, directly select the input can be.

Figure 12

When you are done, double-click the ' text ' layer, bring up ' layer styles ', and set ' stroke ' and ' outer glow ', as shown in the following figure.

Figure 13

Figure 14

The input text is decorated and we get the following effect.

Figure 15

5. Sometimes in the picture embellishment some lace, more can gong to expand the effect. You can download some of your favorite lace online, here is the lace I found, I am ready to use it to decorate the font.

Figure 16

Drag it onto the canvas, press Ctrl+t to pull out the free transform, adjust the flower to the right size, and place it in the right place. Here you can add a stroke and an outer glow to make it appear clearer.

Figure 17

Figure 18

Here we have completed the adjustment of this effect, as shown in the following figure.

Final effect Diagram

Figure 19

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