Photoshop Creative Wallpapers Tutorial (2)

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Tutorial Part II: Shapes and text, and 3D text effects

The main task in this section is to add text.

1. Select the Text tool, set the text color to white, select the appropriate font and size, and enter text. The text shown in the figure is Lucida Sans unicode,28pt and galant,80pt respectively. You can look for beautiful fonts in your font library. Adjust the layer blending mode and opacity, respectively, until appropriate. (Figure 13,14)

Figure 13

Figure 14

2. Now we are making the 3D text that occupies the main picture of the image. Choose a thicker font, such as just the Galant, font size of 250pt, of course, the font is different, size will vary. Enter a few characters with white, adjust spacing, size, etc. with the character panel. As shown in Figure 15. Then, right-click in the font layer and select the grid layer in the pop-up panel. Press ctrl+t, the Warp box appears, select the Distort option, and distort the font (Figure 16).

Figure 15

Figure 16

3. We use the layer style to give the text a 3D appearance. Double-click the layer, go to the layer style, click Bevel and Emboss, the style is an inner bevel, smoothing, with a depth of 890%, a direction, a size of 13 pixels, and a softening of 0 pixels; In the shadow option, the angle is 120 degrees, the global light is used, the height is 30, and the gloss contour is annular in the preset type, Select Anti-aliasing, high light and darkened basic hold, but change darkened color to RGB (22,63,8) (this color depends on the position of your text), click OK (Figure 17).

Figure 17

But that's not going to satisfy us again. Go into the Layer style panel again, and in the advanced blending of the custom blending option, set the fill opacity to 0%, so that the font retains the style but does not have its own fill (Figure 18). And the previous scan line and the grid, we have to add a mask to 3D text, so that it fade. Click the Mask button, and after adding the mask, make a straight line gradient along the direction of the text (Figure 19).

Figure 18

Figure 19

4. Next, we'll add some hexagonal lattices to the image. This is a very popular pattern, often used in web page or image design, we are ready to use it to decorate our wallpaper.

Create a new Layer 4, set the foreground color to white, select the Polygon tool in the Shape tool, set the number of sides to 6, and draw a positive hexagon in layer 4 with the fill area created. When you relax the mouse, it is filled with white. Change its layer blending mode to "overlay" and reduce the opacity to 26%; Create a new layer 5, hold down CTRL, click Layer 4, load the hexagonal selection, in layer 5, with the stroke command, add edges for the selection, width 1 pixels, position centered, deselect the layer 5 and Layer 4, and then merge the linked layers. Or you can merge layer 5 directly downward, but the merged layer pattern is superimposed, then change it to normal mode. (Figure 20)

5. Hold down ALT, drag the hexagon, copy a copy, use this method, copy all the required hexagon, hold down SHIFT, ensure that the copy is arranged horizontally, and then flatten all the hexagonal layers. (Figure 21)

Figure 21

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