PhotoShop CS6 make realistic animal fur three-dimensional text effects tutorial

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PS Tutorial using Photoshop CS6 to make lifelike animal fur stereo text effect, this tutorial is very simple, mainly with an animal fur material texture, and then use the brush to create details,

Create a realistic effect.

Effect Chart:

1th Step

Open the Photoshop CS6 and create a new document. I use the 2880x1800 pixel dimensions. Use the Horizontal type tool (T) to add a text. In this tutorial, I use "CS6".

2nd Step

Let's use some real textures, I'm looking for the fur of an animal

3rd Step

Copy the fur layer so that it overwrites the text

4th step

Use the Eraser tool (E) to remove portions of the texture so that they blend together. It is important to pay attention to these small details.

5th step

Go to the Layers panel, select the text layer and hold down Ctrl-click the type layer to get the text selection!

6th step

Create a new group, place the 2 fur layers inside the group, and add a mask to the group, and get the following figure effect

7th step

Let's create a brush. The first is that I created the following figure by using the default brush to copy it! You can try it or draw one yourself.

8th Step

Go to Window > brush. Find the brush we just created, and use the following parameters, as shown in figure:

9th step

Choose a mask for the group and modify the mask edges of the fur group to get a very realistic effect. Tip: Often change the brush size to make the effect more natural.

10th Step

Repeat the above process

11th Step

Merge the layers inside the group, go to layer > Layer style > Inner shadow.

So we'll add inner shadows and shadows you can use the following values.

12th Step

The layer style makes the fur layer a bit deeper, and you can see the image below.

13th step

Go to layer > new Adjustment layer > Photo filter. After using the heating filter (85), the 20%-density picture filter, change the blending mode to multiply the bottom.

14th Step

Now just add some beautiful shadows to make the letters more stereoscopic!

15th step

Add a subtle beige background and use the Paint bucket tool (G)

16th step

Use the Brush tool (B) to draw the center of a beautiful white round spotlight.


Adjusted to give a certain angle, our design is quite numerous with an oval white spotlight. As you can see this tutorial is very simple,

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