PhotoShop CS6 The use of Intelligent objects to create a mobile image GIF animation tutorial

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I teach you to use Photoshop CS6 to make mobile image gif dynamic effect, mainly make use of intelligent objects.

A smart object is a layer that contains image data in a grid or vector image, such as Photoshop or Illustrator files. The smart object retains the source content of the image and all its original attributes.

So that you can perform non-destructive editing on layers.

You can create smart objects in several ways:

Use the Open as smart Object command; Place files, paste data from Illustrator, and convert one or more Photoshop layers to smart objects.

You can use smart objects to perform the following actions:

Performs a non-destructive transformation. You can scale, rotate, skew, distort, pivot, or distort a layer without losing the original image data or reducing the quality because the transform does not affect the original data.

Process vector data (such as vector pictures in Illustrator), and if you don't use smart objects, the data is grid-oriented in Photoshop.

Non-destructive application filters. You can edit filters that apply to smart objects at any time.

Edit a Smart object and automatically update all of its linked instances.

Apply a layer mask linked to or unlinked from a smart object layer

You cannot perform actions that change pixel data directly (such as painting, Dodge, Burn, or clone) without performing a direct action on the Smart object layer, unless the layer is first converted to a regular layer (will be grid).

To perform operations that change pixel data, you can edit the contents of the Smart object, clone a new layer above the Smart object layer, edit a copy of the smart object, or create a new layer.

Note: When you transform a smart object that has applied a smart filter, Photoshop turns off the filter effect when the transform is performed. When the transform is complete, the filter effect is applied again. See About Smart Filters.

Effect Chart:

The following is the material and the production process to share with you (I use CS6)




A good PNG

To use the hand, I casually find a, can use their favorite.

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