Photoshop CS6 trial to get started with a beginner tutorial

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As the scope of the plum interference is more and more extensive, so some topics are not exhaustive, and recently prunes also found that there are a lot of fans of the heart,

and help back, and in this prunes also thank these enthusiastic friends, and prunes today to share what things? that is Adobe Photoshop CS6, ha! You are not wrong is CS6, should also

A lot of friends have noticed, but most of them only listen to the Wen but not touch, today may do so you can experience, and the CS6 version is named Superstition, and the interface also has a

Significant changes and a more powerful 3D part ~ But the Adobe official website doesn't offer a new version of the trial, for CS6 's interested friends, now look at it and download it.

Software Name: Photoshop CS6

Software version: 13.0

Software language: English

Software Quality: Trial Version 30 days

Suitable platform: Mac/win

Software Download: Adobe Labs

When you go to the Adobe Labs Lab, pull down below and choose the Mac/win version.

After the download, the impact can be installed, and then opened the Adobe Photohsop CS6, when the first saw, prunes really a bit like auto cad and 3DMax feeling, change dark color,

Look more professional.

Then we'll start with the text, which is the English version, so the font will become an English display, which is a bit annoying for the choice of words.

Select the function table/edit/preferences/type option.

Check out the show Font Name in Chinese option.

Ah ~ This font will change the Chinese display!

If you don't get used to a dark gray work environment, you can also adjust it to the Interface tab, and then you can change the color of your work environment by clicking directly on the color theme.

So go back to the previous color!

Since the prunes has just been downloaded, so the new features are still groping, when there is a more complete experience, and then share with you, for Adobe Photoshop CS6 is interested in

Friends, also rush to download it! This is explained by the Adobe Lab, so there is no need to worry about the file, whether it is poisonous or the suspicion of being planted in the wood, so that you can use it safely.

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