Photoshop CS6 Tutorial: Detailed resolution of the use of color lookup

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It seems that this new feature is really popular, in the @ Excellent web design forwarding, received a lot of people's @, in addition to show me the effect, there are a lot of related issues, just when I worry how to answer, @Kevin__Zhu gave me an Adobe TV connection, so I can delve into. It seems that you are not tired I will not give up Ah, but, I also have fun, then everyone to get what they have.

Two big questions let me sum up two big benefits, send to everybody today.

1, since these effects so good and so convenient, it is not the more Lut files, there are more templates available?

is solved ~, so the welfare one is more Lut file template for everyone to use, we can look at my current Lut file list, wow ha ha, are not see the end, all kinds of effects are all a key to fix!!

However, so long ... I will not translate ah, guys to try it yourself ~

After downloading these lut files, copy the folders directly into the application >photoshop Cs6>presets>3dluts folder, and they will naturally appear in the Panel list.

Since this feature is designed specifically for the film and television industry, there is no way to create lut files in Photoshop. If you want to create your own Lut file, it is recommended that you use Adobe Speed Grade CS6 to ensure that you have three minutes ... Faint Death ~.

2, if there are so many effects, every time I try too much trouble, there is no quick way to see the effect directly?

Well, we have to thank the name Chris Cox adobe engineer, who created a LUT index file (LUTIMAGE_REPLACE.PSD) so that you can use it to quickly view your photos and Lut template for each application effect:

If you want to change the image of Yuecheng into your own, follow these steps:

• Open your picture and crop it to 1500x1000 pixel, the PPI (this step size and resolution must be as required, but can also be vertical 1000x1500).

• Select "File" > "Save as" to save your files to the desktop.

• Open the "lutimage_replace.psd" file in the Layers panel, select the Jkost_original layer.

• Select "Layers" > "Smart Objects" > "Replace Content" to find the cropped image and select "Place".

* haha! Your smart Lut effect display card produced, print out for reference.

Note: The Mac system consists of 6 summary profiles (black and white, blue tones, gray tones, reduced brightness, increased brightness, and dark brown). These profiles appear on the last line in the "LUTIMAGE_REPLACE.PSD" image. However, Windows users cannot see and will not be able to use them. So, if you're still complaining about not installing CS6, is it possible to change an Apple computer by the way? Ha ha

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