Photoshop design Beautiful plum blossom poem picture and text course

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Sound painting, network-specific nouns. Sound painting refers to the combination of music and images and related words of a network expression, the purpose is to use music and images, to achieve a sense of hearing and visual synchronization performance effect,

So that viewers can feel a real artistic sense to edify people's feelings.

Sound and Painting works: Through animation, music, text, the formation of the network-specific forms of expression belong to the sound painting, the performance of each theme of the sound painting is a sound painting works. The works of sound and painting are often combined with literature,

It can be combined with poetry, prose, and fiction. In the works of sound and painting, the performance of words can be realized by scrolling or changing words, or by reading aloud or singing.

This tutorial mainly uses Photoshop to design the beautiful ancient poems and texts, the text and texts are mainly the whole color collocation and some material synthesis, and then cooperate with some matters of ancient poetry, to complete the final effect,

The following time let us study together.

Final Effect Diagram:



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