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Final Effect Diagram:

1. First find a suitable picture, used to do the background of the image, preferably color to deep picture, the effect will be more intense (Figure 1).

Figure 1

2. Set the foreground color to white, select the Text Input tool, enter text in the screen, the font used is best with the font of the round head, which is more in line with the actual neon appearance (Figure 2).

Figure 2

3. Delete this text layer, execute menu-Filter-Blur-Gaussian blur, set the blur radius to 1 pixels (Figure 3).

Figure 3

4. Double-click the layer with the mouse, in the layer style panel of the Hook in the outer and inner glow effect, the opacity of the outer glow is set to 60%, the light-emitting color set to R:25, g:215, B250, (other colors can also choose their favorite color), and then will glow ' Size ' changes to around 8 pixels, and changes the contour style to the first row second style, the other invariant; changes the inner glow blending mode to ' normal ' and sets the glow color to r:0, g:255, b:250 (in other colors, As long as the color of the inner glow is set to be lighter than the color of the outer glow color on it, the other invariant (Fig 4).

Figure 4

5. Well, the text of the neon tube has almost finished. The next thing to do is to map the effect of the light to the wall. Hold down CTRL and click the type layer, the selection of the text outline floats, then executes the menu-select-Modify-expand, expands the selection by 25 pixels, executes the menu-select-Feather, feathering the selection around 20 pixels, and then returns to the background layer, executing the menu-image-Modify-curve, Lightens the color of the background image in the selection slightly (Figure 5).

Figure 5

6. Do not cancel the selection, execute menu-Filter-Blur-Gaussian blur, set the blur radius to 0.5 pixels to enhance the diffuse effect of the light, and then execute the menu-image-Adjust-hue/saturation, and adjust the hue of the selection to the color of the same colour as the neon light color (Figure 6 )。

Figure 6

7. The neon text is almost finished, and then add a neon box to the text, and create a new layer on the top of the layers panel first. The box looks like you can hook yourself with a pen, or use the Polygon tool to add nodes to the pen to modify (Figure 7).

Figure 7

8. When the path is finished, select the Brush tool, set the brush size to around 5 pixels and set the hardness of the brush strokes to 0, and set the foreground color to r:255, g:245, b:140 (other colors can also, this is not standard), and then to the Path panel, click the ' A button that uses the foreground color stroke path to remove the pen path when finished (Figure 8).

Figure 8

9. Double-click the Neon box with the mouse layer, in the layer style panel of the hook in the light effect with the outside glow effect, change the blending mode of the inner glow to normal, and then set the glow color to r:255, g:185, B:5, and change the glow to 2 pixels, others unchanged, and then change the luminous color of the outer glow to red , other invariant (Figure 9).

Figure 9

10. OK, the neon tube frame is basically finished, the following to do is to project the light on the background wall. method to do the same as the text projection light, first hold down CTRL and click on the layer of the neon frame, when the selection is floating, execute menu-Select-Modify-expand, expand the selection by 10 pixels, execute menu-select-Feather, feather the selection by 10 pixels, and then execute the menu-image-Adjust-curve on the background layer, Slightly lightens the color of the image in the selection range (Figure 10).

Figure 10

11. Do not cancel the selection, perform menu-image-adjust-color balance, in the color order parameter box, enter 100, 0, 100, and then repeat it once again (Figure 11).

Figure 11

12. Well, the tube is finished, too. Finally, the selection of the background part of the brightness of a point, and then the contrast higher, the projection of the light is OK, but also in the text and neon frame layer style to add a ' projection ' effect, so that the neon lights and the background wall looks better combination. Or you can build a new layer on the background layer, enter some text above, text color set to white, the layer blending mode to ' overlay ', and in the Earth Once style panel select ' Inner Shadow ' and ' bevel relief ' effect so that can fill the screen, so that the screen looks richer (Figure 12).

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