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Today brings you a very interesting tutorial-the effect of making text into a filament glow. The tutorial is very simple, let's learn it together!

1th Step:

When you open Photoshop and create a new document, the (size customization) determines that the background is black.

2nd Step:

To make the effect more realistic, let's use a material.

This is where we put the image in the center. Now with the white background we click the white place with the magic wand tool and press the Dlete key to remove it.

3rd Step:

Add a mask to the bulb's layer, and then smear the high light you don't want with a black brush. This is my deal.

Of course, if you think there's a need to add highlights, use a white brush where you apply it.

4th step

Select the Horizontal Type tool (T) and the font color is white. I use the Exmouth Portsmouth font and you can download it here I use a size of 50 pixels, but the size will depend on the size of your file. At this point we create a group on the layers panel, and the group's blending mode is changed to color Dodge, and then the text is moved inside.

5th step

Selected text, go to filter > Blur > Gaussian blur. With a 0.3-pixel radius.

Here you need to grid text, this click OK on the line.

6th step

Add more light to make the text look more comfortable, and we'll use a real material instead of creating a lens flare in Photoshop.

We put this high light above the text, and then do the image-adjust-go color, the high light material mode to-color. This time get rid of what we don't need, add a mask to the high light layer, and then use a black brush to put it out there without having to smear it.

7th step

Add a new layer, go to filter > Render > Cloud. Make sure you have black and white for background and foreground colors. The layer will also be above the other.

8th Step

Change the blending mode of the cloud layer to color dodge. Then, add a new group to the layers panel and move the cloud layer to the newly created group. After that, change the blending mode of the group to overlay.

9th step

In the newly created group, add a new layer, move the new layer underneath the cloud layer, and then use the Brush tool (B) and a very soft brush to #f5d38b the center of the light effect. Change the blending mode of the layer to overlay, padding to 50%.

10th Step

Create a new layer at the top of all layers, then select a large and soft brush tool (B), and use white to draw in the center of the image's light effect. Then go to layer > Layer style > Color overlay. Use #ffd648 and linear deepen. We can make a very beautiful filament text effect.

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