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We will give you a detailed analysis of photoshop software to share with you the tutorial on creating a honeycomb texture metal character.
Tutorial sharing:
First, let's take a look at our final results:




OK. Let's start. Create a new document. The size I used is 1920*1080 pixels. Set the foreground color to # 5d5d5c and the background color to #232323. Use a radial gradient to create a gradient background.


In the material package, find the texture background material that I provide and add it to the upper layer of the gradient background layer. Change the blending mode of the layer to soft light and the opacity to 100%. The effect is shown in the following figure:


Next, let's improve the background. Here I added a color order adjustment layer to enhance the black and white contrast of the background by adjusting the color order.


Now, the background is complete. Let's start adding text.
Use the text tool to add the words we want. Here I use the four words P S, and then copy the P S text layer to get a total of three layers of text layers, after that, we will set the layer style for the three Text layers to get the metallic texture text we need.


Next, we first set the layer style of the P-dot S text layer.




The gradient here is a little painful, but it doesn't have to be done based on my values. The gradient settings here are used to simulate the metal effect outside the text, it simulates the layering of a metal by changing the color from white to dark gray.
You can try it several times to see the positions of different colors in the gradient settings on the text display, it may lead to smooth gradient and beautiful appearance. You can make appropriate adjustments based on your own needs. In a word, the tutorial is dead and the value is dead, it is not very useful to copy and copy data. Only by understanding and having your own ideas can you make progress.




Next, we will first set the fill of the P-dot S copy layer to 0%. Someone may ask, isn't the fill and opacity the same? In fact, there is a big difference, from the settings of the layer style, you can clearly see the difference. If you set a layer style for the layer, change the fill to 0, and the layer style will be displayed, but the source image layer itself will not. If you adjust the transparency, is adjusted together with the effect of the layer style, the layer style you set will also become transparent. Here we use a picture to explain it intuitively.


Next, we will set the P dot S to copy the layer style of the layer.




The cloud pattern here is a PS built-in pattern. For fear that someone may not be able to find it, I also provided this pattern in the material package. Just use the preset manager to import it.
Now we should get the following results:


Next, let's set the P-dot S to copy the layer style of Layer 2. In the same way, first change the fill to 0.




This pattern is also provided in the material package.
OK. So far, we have achieved the following results:


Next, we copy a P-dot S text layer, and change the text color to black, place it on the lower layer of all text layers, and move down a certain size. It is unclear how many pixels this move down, we will use this layer for Shadow.


Apply a dynamic blur filter to the black text layer and set it as shown in the following figure.


Perform Gaussian blur again. The settings are as follows.


It is much better to have a shadow. Let's add another highlight. Similarly, copy a P-dot S text, place it on the upper layer of the shadow layer, change the text color to white, and execute a Gaussian blur, then, change the layer blending mode to soft light.


OK. Now, even if it is finished, a simple layer style application will hope to provide you with some help. If there is no space available, please forgive me for providing all the layer relationships.


All right, the above information is all the content that is shared by the production tutorial of the detailed design of the honeycomb texture metal character effect for users of this software in photoshop, you can see that the software users here are now very clear about the production method, so the software users are going to follow the tutorial above to create their desired honeycomb texture metal words.

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