Photoshop design Mercedes-Benz Car Flyer Production Tutorial

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To the users of Photoshop software to detailed analysis to share the design of Mercedes-Benz Automotive promotional poster production tutorials.
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The first step is to extract the material. Here we first pull out the car. (direct pen) reverse, turn the Smart object standby.

Clouds pull the map (note here.) We're going to get that big, solid cloud, not a cloud that's empty and scattered. Also in the red channel to pull out, however, as shown in the channel, we want to buckle solid, that is, the separation of clouds and days, a clearer separation.

Dig out, ctrl+shift+u, go color processing, spare.

The rest of the cloud material is also to be plucked out:

You can use the curves, the dark part of the cloud to highlight the processing, so that they are more white, and then copy, deformation, placement, mask wipe, build an environment.

Effect as shown:

A blue background can be observed at the bottom of the layer. The structure here is a nest of clouds on the left and white on the right. As shown in the screenshot of the layer: to be flexible in the car layer on top and bottom to build the environment, so that clouds and car occlusion relationship. The brush that modifies the mask is available with a "soft focus brush", and the texture is closer to the cloud.

The scene of the cloud and the car is basically a fusion of position. To deal with the environmental relationship, we are here to add a reflective cloud to the car's glass to make it more realistic. Directly with the mask to wipe it.

Additional details added. The wheels were spilling out of the clouds, dynamic. It's OK to intercept a small fraction of the deformation.

Both front and rear wheels are available. Then the mask will be wiped naturally.

Take a screenshot after the process is finished. The scene is no problem, but the vehicle and light source does not match, it seems very blunt.

Next, there is a light match for the car and the whole environment. We analyzed that the light source must be the bright light from the left side of the white space. I'm going to find out where the dark part should be. Here we take the car body for example. Use the pen to sketch the dark area, fill the black, adjust the opacity, and apply the Gaussian blur.

After completion

Merge layers to make a clipping mask on the car.

Similarly, there is a projection of the rearview mirror.

method is the same. After processing:

Is it more pleasing to the eye? Then there is the match between the car and the ambient cloud. Here at the top, create a new layer, similar to the method. To add the impact of the right side of the car on the clouds under the site.

It also adds some dark parts to the side.

The extra parts can be controlled by the selection, and the masks will be wiped. The effect is as follows:

These steps are not done at once. Because you want to do Gaussian blur, and the value of transparency adjustment is not the same, it is best to create a new layer each time. The blending mode is a positive overlay.

This simple light match is done. The results are as follows:

The next part is the palette. The idea here is to improve contrast, after all, the white body looks whiter than white clouds. Color, to use the mask to control. Here I have a direct screenshot. Our main adjustment is the cloud, the body will remember to protect.

After the rendering is finished. As pictured.

90% of the work has been done here. The next step is to zoom in and check for flaws, trim, add logos and text, and sharpen it. The sharpening value here, I mentioned 32, is higher. The line structure of the vehicle is more clear. Have you seen the horizontal line? Repair tool is done.

The end is OK. Thank you for reading Oh ~
1. When we have no ready-made material, we need to find material to create new material. There is a higher requirement for pull and mix mode, but long, experience will tell you how to proceed next.
2. Do complex image synthesis, as far as possible to do realistic details and light matching, so that the work more brilliant. This case, our dynamic cloud at the wheel, makes a simple deformation, which is not possible.
3. For the mask control to develop habits, so that the screen clean up, adjust more targeted and accurate.
Well, the above information is small compiled to you photoshop this software users of the detailed design of the Mercedes-Benz Automotive promotional poster production tutorials to share all the content, you see the users here are now very clear the way to make it, So everyone now go to follow the small series of the tutorial to make a try.

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