Photoshop Design notebook Theme UI icon making tutorial

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To the users of Photoshop software to explain the detailed analysis of the design notebook theme UI icon production tutorial.
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Now let's recall the drawing of this notebook. It can be roughly divided into three parts: Body,button,belt. Haha, 3b. Then the next one one of the decomposition of the good.
First of all, the body. This part of the book is a rounded rectangle with a layer style that you can use to see the following figure:

And the effect, to say the truth, really worried about my death, I was using a straw suction color to do the gradient overlay, in view of the problem at that time, finally added the above layer style after the effect is not obvious, as shown:

So next, I added a high light to it, one layer after another, and finally it became this way, notice the upper right corner, especially the edge part:

A layer mask is used for stacking the high light.
Then the body part of the book has a dotted line, the middle of the belt above and the following a total of four dashed lines, are drawn with stroke path, they are actually very small, I think, tangled up whether it is necessary to add a layer style after this, start adding, the layer style is as follows:

So so far, the body part is done, and then first look at the overall effect of the body part:

Then start drawing the part of the belt in the middle of the body (except for the top Shang, that's the third part). Add the Belt effect chart as follows, first to see:

Let's start with the drawing of belt. Belt mainly use layer styles, filters and brush tools, brush tool with layer mask, say so much, or look more convenient, the effect diagram and its methods:

The first layer in the second picture above is the brush matching layer mask that was just mentioned, mainly for the high light decoration, very faint high light. Then there is a line on the tape, and the layer style used for this line of text is:

In this way, we will belt this part is also done, the following is only the part of the button. The overall effect of this button is as follows:

Pay attention to the lower right corner of the section, because this button on the right side to long too book body, so the part of the projection, should not be seen, only when the book on the table, you can slightly add a little bit very light projection, is not this truth? Okay, Let's say this button is drawn.
Projected at the bottom layer, because of the length of the problem I have just mentioned, I draw a separate shape layer to make its projection, as shown in figure:

And then draw the brown-red belt above:

The layer styles and filters are used, as follows:

The main part is complete. And then separate to this part of the high light, just like that part of the body, folded a few layers or adjust the adjustment, but still weak high light, although faint, subtle place, painting and not painting, the final effect must be different.
I folded up two floors:

Finally, there is a half circle dotted line on the buckle, as well as a stroke path, and then add the layer style, as follows:

After this step is over, the next step is ... Oh, no.
Add a background map and a projection to it, and the final effect is as follows:

Well, the above information is small set to you photoshop this software users bring detailed design notebook theme UI icon of the production of a tutorial analysis of the entire content of the share, you see the users here are now very clear how the production method, Then you will go to the small series of tutorials to make their own.

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