Photoshop Design Super Cool flame Dynamic Bike Tutorial

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Final effect

1, start Photoshop Open the original image, and then select the Clone Stamp Tool tool to remove the white line in the picture.

2, we improve brightness, here a new brightness and saturation adjustment layer, brightness setting 5, contrast set 56, the effect is as follows.

3, press Ctrl+shift+n to create a new layer, using the soft angle brush tool, the main diameter set to 4px, set the foreground color is white, then use the Pen tool to select the wheel.

4, set a good path after the right mouse click Select Stroke Path Command, set the following figure.

5, after we set the following layer style, the effect is as follows.

6, the Choice Daub tool, sets the soft angle, the main diameter 30px, the hardness 35%, uses this tool to smear, causes the wheel to produce the fire the effect.

7, create a new layer, repeat step 3,4,5, set up a train wheel special effects.

8, then repeat 第3-7 step content in the rear wheel and behind the person.

9, the following we add spark effects, use the brush, select the Brush tool, and then press F5 to open the Brush window set as follows.

10, create a new layer, set the brush main diameter of 4px, in the corresponding fire layer to add white flame, the effect is as follows.

11, at this time the level of the panel below. Press Ctrl+g to group.

12, select front Wheel Flames group, then create curve adjustment layer.

13, then use the Brush tool, set the foreground color is black, choose large flexible angle brush, draw curve adjustment layer.

14, then select the Body Flames group, set up a curve adjustment layer, using large soft angle black brush smear the surrounding bodies.

15, a new gradient filled atlas, set as follows, the color from the #e09028到 #442f0a.

16. Move the gradient fill atlas to the top, and the layer mode is set to overlay mode, with a large soft angle black brush drawn like the following.

17, create a gradient fill layer again, color settings from #000000 to #ffdcaa, the effect is as follows.

18, put this layer to the top of all layers, layer mode set to overlay, the effect is as follows.

Final effect.

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