Photoshop Design Text theme poster Production tutorial sharing

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To the users of Photoshop software to detailed analysis to share the design text theme poster production tutorials.
Tutorial Sharing:
First, the design idea analysis.

Second, composition.

Third, train of thought.

1, manuscript transfer line is very simple, take photos and then import PS Pen tool tick.

To do the layer style behind it, the path is painted in a layer.

2, in order to enhance the effect just made, we copy a layer, and then shrink a circle, plus a layer of projection.

Click menu: Select > Modify > Shrink, 2 pixel, then click here to add a mask.

3, repeat just the operation, this time add a bevel and relief.

4, the background of 3 to make the embryonic form, and then add the copy information.

5, the replacement background color for black, to the bottom 3 add a little ambient light, increase texture.

6, one analogy and then give the above a layer of light.

7, the top 3 will be somewhat different, because the reflective surface is big, so the high light area will be larger.

8, next we want to let the text through the circle on the 3.

9, add some high light material, must grasp the discretion, do not steal.

10, since 3 is the glass texture, the text on the light will be a little reflective of it.

11, whispering reflected sound waves generated echoes.

12, and finally add special effects.

Iv. adjustment.

13, further improve the glare and high light feeling.

14, the whole is still a little gray, a little bit brighter.

15, finally strengthen a number of saturation, so that the color more vibrant.

Final effect:

Okay, the above information is small make up to you photoshop this software users brought the detailed design text theme poster production tutorials to share the whole content, you see the users here, small series believe that you are now very clear of the production of the tutorial it, Now, everyone, just try it yourself.

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