Photoshop desktop wallpaper with gorgeous lattice effects

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This sentence "Good-looking is not the highest state of beauty", just as the design is not only to look like. All full screen big picture makes the design, often a picture can decide the Jiangshan. The weight of this picture may have been a few nights of work, or the capture of beauty in a remote mountain wilderness with a newly bought high-end digital camera.

This tutorial is to teach you how to use a Zhang Quan photo reprocessing, by adding simple transparent triangles, to make it more high-end atmospheric grade.

First, create a new document

Open your PS, create a new file that adapts to your phone screen, set the size to w:640px h:1136px, and insert your picture into the document.

This is the picture I chose (by photographer Jared).

Second, the image of the beautification

1. Basic beautification

If an ordinary photograph is chosen, then the post-processing is essential. At this point, I slightly highlight my own picture, and reduce the contrast of the picture. The image processing is always different from the photo, there is no need to do the steps, the purpose is to adjust the photo to just fit the effect you want to make.

2, using the ruler and guide line, in the top of the picture with the pen tool to draw a triangle, triangular fill color is black.

3, for the triangle layer to increase the gradient overlay, gradient selection black and white gradient, white slider position is 90%, angle to 100 degrees, others are the default settings.


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