Photoshop detailed analysis of the case of portrait refinement

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The effect chart is as follows:


A skin stain repair work.

1. Create a new blank layer, select the Stain healing Brush tool, the options bar on all layers sampling, stain repair brush tool brush should not be too large, and the stain is almost on the line, otherwise it is easy to damage the skin.

2. Change the repair brush tool, the sample on the options bar to take the current and the bottom layer, the forehead and so on the neck wrinkles. This tool is also useful for fixing stains.

3. For the contour around the left nose, use the Clone Stamp tool for processing, the sample takes the current and below layer, opaque set to about 30%.

4. Repeat, constantly check the skin of each place, and use the above tools to repair the skin. The quality of the repair work mainly depends on the details, the details determine success or failure.

Second, eliminate pouch: The character eye is not spirit, fatigue feeling, droop. But can not repair the peace, because the pouch is a ball shape, pouch played to hold up the role of the eyeball, repair should control the intensity, just right.

1. Create a new blank layer, use the Clone Stamp tool, brighten the mode, transparency 25%, select "Current and Bottom layer" to sample, and mainly handle the darker parts.

2. Change layer opacity 84%, make it more natural, which is equivalent to the pouch lightly wipe a layer of powder.

3. Completion of the above two steps is not complete this step, because the above operation on the skin texture caused a certain damage, must be given to restore the texture.

Creates a new blank layer. Use the Repair Brush tool to select the current and bottom layer samples.

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