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"Author file"

Name: Egg

Occupation: Film and television animation designer

Sex: Male

Age: A stranger in the early 80

Constellation: Aries


"Tool of the crime"

Tools: Han Wang Chong Yi Master 3-generation digital Board

Software: Adobe Photoshop CS3

King Egg Children's shoes hard, after years of learning, and finally able to the heart of the want to complete, expressive expression, this time by the invitation of Han Wang, to draw series

Digital Board tutorials with the vast number of children's shoes to share the growth, very happy.

This time we're going to draw a machine-themed figure.

This is the completion diagram


Tip: In the process of character modeling, to use complex lines to build characters, so the pressure on the digital plate and read the speed of higher requirements, it is recommended to select more than reading speed, coordinate the high precision of the digital board products, so that in the drawing process can maintain the accuracy of line drawing and speed. This work is the use of Han Wang Creative arts Master of three generations of digital board products completed, the product has a good performance in the pressure sense and reading speed, first of all, in the PS layer board three sets, to the foreground, medium, vision (background) to be divided in a straight line in the middle to set the general pattern, and then the color block paved on the ground contour


To get a sense of the ground transition, use the gradient tool to throw out the tonal mask, erase the excess color with a brush on the mask, and bring out the styling


Set the direction of the light on the background


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