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To you photoshop software users to detailed analysis to share the dotted line mobile links logo Pictures of the production of the tutorial.
Tutorial Sharing:
Step one, create a 88*31 blank picture, the background color is white.
Step two, select the line segment tool and pull out a line (horizontal) that is 88 long.
Step three, select the stroke of the line pencil, 1 pixels, the texture is Grie5 100%, this line creates the effect of a dashed line (you can also make the dotted line by using the command plug-in for fireworks-this plugin needs to be added). As shown in figure:

Step four, select the dashed line that you just made, press CTRL + C to copy, and then press CTRL + V 3 times to paste, so that there are 4 such dashed lines, two of which rotate 90 degrees, to become vertical dashed lines, 4 dashed lines (2 horizontal 2 vertical) are placed on the 4 sides of the graph respectively. (Adjust the stroke size of the segment if you cannot display the dashed line after rotating) as shown:

Step five: Click on the Frame panel to add a hardwood, copy the first frame of all the line to the second frames, and then fine-tune the intersection of four sides of the dotted line position, called 2 frames are different. As shown in figure:

Step Six: Select the file in the Menu-> Output Wizard, by default, finally select the output preview of the animated menu, the 2 frames are selected, adjust the speed of not frame 15, the output becomes GIF animation, as shown:

Complete the instance:

OK, a border dotted line moving logo is done, is it easy? Similarly, this is the General animation logo production basis, I hope we extrapolate, to make a variety of effects. Fireworks Making Logo
Well, the above information is small to give you photoshop this software users to bring the detailed dotted line mobile link logo pictures of the production of the whole content of the tutorial to share, you see the users here are now very clear the production of a tutorial it, So you guys just try to make it yourself.

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