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This tutorial brings a poster of a female musketeer to draw a tutorial. Poster is a portrait of the steam era of class struggle against the background, a guardian of the palace wealth of the arrogant female musketeer. Creation, I let the picture as full of brilliance and gorgeous, the design into the rococo costumes and steampunk weapons characteristics of the elements, so that the cold steel and soft lace together bathed in the sunset solemn afterglow, hope to bring different visual impact of the viewer. (Figure 01)

Figure 01

Initial drafts

In general before drafting, I will carefully consider the character and background of the times, this is very important, any figure painting if there is no soul can not continue.

I designed the original intention is: a gorgeous, character arrogant tenacity of the female musketeer, her appearance luxurious even some decadent, treat the enemy will not hesitate to raise arms, calm and brutal coexistence.

Quadrochromatic is a black-and-white drafting, roughly random first outline of my design of the characters, the background with some architectural materials to join the painting, you can quickly see the big effect. The key is to always pay attention to whether the overall effect is beautiful and harmonious. (Figure 02)

Figure 02

Playing light

After designing a rough outline, I usually make light according to the picture. In the draft of this link, playing light is particularly important, this is the basis of all the details of the description. This picture I initially set the main light source is the female gunman behind the landing window into the backlight, secondary light source for the palace in the top light. (Figure 03)

Figure 03

Further design and characterization of monochrome manuscript

In the monochrome manuscript first clear the shape of the object, the different parts of the black and white relations to shape. With the constant changes, to step by step closer to the image of the design of the heart. Monochrome draft is only a sketch, color range basis, do not be too formal. Small details of the screen I generally wait for the color of the time added. (Figure 04)

Figure 04

Color matching with monochrome manuscript

Monochrome draft sketch relationship when finished about 60%, I will begin to paint. Because the scene is a church-like gorgeous large window. I wish there was a feeling of evening glow. The character backlight effect will also give the viewer a very strong visual impact, indoor purple, window golden warm backlight, can highlight the contour, the characters face another cold light source.

In order to match the style of the solemn court, I chose the Western royal family commonly used in crimson, white and gold, as the character costumes color. Many times, the performance of the screen in addition to design, color can bring to the viewer the most intuitive judgments. As if speaking of the Chinese emperor's clothes, we thought of the golden robes. (Figure 05)

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