Photoshop Draw Monkey Gala mascot Kangkang

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Although the effect of the picture is simple, but to draw the time to be particularly careful, because the graphics are in the shape of the tool with the path to draw, slightly more complex graphics need to use a number of shape tools to do Boolean operations.

Final effect

1, first with the Ellipse tool to draw an ellipse, fill color: #3e3129, and then add the inner shadow, the value is as follows.

2, Ctrl + J Copy an ellipse shrink, add facial details, fill color: #4e3e36.

3, the following to analyze, the shape is a triangle and ellipse to do the boolean operation.

4, the above graphic copy, with the "Direct selection tool" deformation to reduce the shape of the following figure, fill the color: #54a336.

5. Draw a yellow rectangle, make a clipping mask over the green shape, and the color of the yellow rectangle fill is: #f7a10c.

6, Next draw the eye:


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