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Final effect Diagram

1. Create a new file (shortcut key: Ctrl + N), named "Football", width 400 pixels, height is also 400 pixels, RGB mode, background select "White". Click OK to create a new file.

2. Click on the "Create New Layer" button on the level version of the image, and create a new layer, which the system automatically names as "Layer 1". For the next step better positioning, we use the "guide line" to locate, press the shortcut key ctrl+r The tick bar, and then click the right button on the tick bar, select "Pixel" to accurately locate. Then press and hold the left mouse button on the top and left tick bars, respectively, drag the horizontal and vertical two guides to 200 pixels to form a cross reference line that sinks into the center of the canvas, as shown in Figure 1:

Figure 1

3. Make sure that Layer 1 is selected, select the Polygon tool in the toolbar, and then confirm the fill pixel button in the tool options bar, and set edge to 5 pixels. Press Accelerator D to restore the foreground and background colors to the default black and white, and then start with the intersection of the guides to draw a 5-side shape. (as far as possible symmetry 5 sides), as shown in Figure 2:

Figure 2

4. On the layers panel, pull layer 1 onto the Create new Layer button and copy another identical layer, which is automatically named "Layer 1 copy." Then confirm that "Layer 1 copy" is selected, press the shortcut key Ctrl+t free transform pattern shape, click on the 5 side of the right mouse button, select "Flip vertically", and then enter, we can see "Layer 1 Copy" in the 5-side shape has been flipped vertically. Then hold down the SHIFT key and pull the flipped 5-side shape vertically to the top, with a distance of about 5 corners of the radius of the tangent circle. As shown in Figure 3

Figure 3

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