Photoshop Draws a vivid pikachu icon

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The difficulty of turning a simple two-dimensional graph into a stereo effect is very large. First of all, according to the material drawing out their desired line draft, and then shop color, depicting light and detail.

Final effect

First, creative thinking

Pikachu is a well-known Japanese cartoon character, it is because of the lovely image and Picapica voice of a lot of people. We want to draw a realistic Pikachu icon, first we need to understand the role of the setting, collect Pikachu related material pictures, as far as possible to save a number of angles and dynamic pictures, to facilitate our choice and all-round understanding of the role.

After collecting and analyzing the material, we start sketching. Sketch stage try to express big ideas and composition, discard details, after several sketches of the attempt, because I want this work more stable like an icon, so selected a sitting face to the right angle.

And on the basis of the original set up a more intense self style deformation. In order to enlarge the Pikachu and Q-Bomb sense, the original set on the basis of the head amplification, the body shortened, the proportion of the body shrink, so that pikachu more mellow.

The starting shape will determine the quality of the work, and reduce the subsequent modification time costs. So when the sketch is finished, refine the line, and try to spend more effort on the online manuscript.

Two, the mouse draws the foundation modelling

With the pen tool and shape tool combined, the online manuscript on the basis of the block outline each bone structure of the shape of the attention to distinguish the good bone grouping, name the group name, so that we can draw and dynamic behind the production.

Choose a color to reduce transparency, so that we can clearly see the stacking effect of each layer. Here I use eye-catching positive red, transparency 30%.

Three, the mouse draws the foundation modelling

Once the shape is hooked, we need to fill in its intrinsic color to determine the approximate basic color of each block. Here we are based on the original set color of Pikachu selected color, mainly yellow.

All layers are recalled to 100% transparency, fill the color separately, each module is best to have a different color distinction so that we can identify the structure%.


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