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There are a lot of different ways to draw any picture, and I'm only introducing myself in this tutorial. I am used to all the layers are used to reflect the shape layer, of course, the advantage is that, in any case the adjustment of amplification, are vector graphics, and the disadvantage is that a lot of texture is not as convenient as the mapping method, especially to do water quality sense. And this painting must be a clear idea, to special understanding of the structure to draw graphics.

Final effect

PS Tool for drawing:

First, I split the structure of the eggs, taking the yolk part as an example.

1. Draw a shape without texture:

Using the shape tools described earlier, select the Ellipse tool and pull a positive circle of the appropriate size on the canvas (note Shift-drag).

2, the top column click Fill, give the round shape a warm yellow.

3. Create a new layer and draw an ellipse with the shape tool. Using the selection tool the white arrow clicks on an anchor point on the circle to drag and drop, probably doing as the figure adjusts (this can feel according to oneself).

4, Open menu bar: Window > Properties, select the gray layer just painted, adjust feather value.

5, hold down the ALT key, in the Layers panel click on the middle of the two layers (the mouse will turn into an arrow and box), after the click of the layer state will become the following clipping mask status.

6, change the color of the gray layer to the same color as the egg yellow, you can find some egg yolk photos, you will find that the edge is orange, the middle of a little more yellow.


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