Photoshop draws Classical Chinese ink style painting works

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When making, you need to download some ink painting elements brush "click to download". This piece of the tiger's water and ink works very fluent, with ink brush to express the artistic features of Chinese painting works, there is freehand brushwork painting of the mood.

Final effect

Step 1-Background settings

Create a 750 x 550px canvas. Fills the background with a gray (#D7D7D7).

Step 2-Tiger cutout

Pull the tiger out of the material map and copy it to the canvas.

Step 3-Ink effect

Select Tiger Layer, filter >> art effect >> watercolor. The brush details are set to "14", the shadow Strength is set to "2", and the texture is set to "1", which results in the following.

Step 4-Watercolor Brush Application

Create a new layer and place it below the tiger layer. Load before downloading the watercolor brush, the foreground color set to #000000, brush size of 450px, draw the following effect.

Set the foreground color to #cc0000 and select a different watercolor brush to draw the following effect.

Step 5-Add weeds

Load the lawn brush, set the foreground color to #000000, and select the appropriate brush to draw weeds in the following position.

Step 6-Text stamp

Load a stamp or a text brush to draw the following effect.

Step 7-Tonal adjustment

Layers >> New adjustment layer >> hue/saturation, Hue set to "40", saturation set to "25", lightness "0". Layers >> New Adjustment layers >> levels, and the input levels are set to "36,1.03,251". Complete the final effect.

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