Photoshop Example Tutorial: Drawing WP News BLOG theme template

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Usually in the first time to make a news blog template, it is difficult to grasp the direction. This tutorial will provide you with a reference on how to make WordPress news blog topics in Adobe Photoshop. This topic includes a header area, a picture rotation area (contains featured articles, recent messages, sorted by category, sidebar, widget). If you are a beginner, follow this tutorial step by step. If you have a certain basis, you can also get a new harvest from this tutorial.

Resources to be required for this tutorial

· Search

· Social icons

Step 1th: Create a document

Create a 1200-pixel x 1700-pixel document in PS

The ruler tool is useful in this tutorial to make sure that the rulers and guides have been shown before using the

• Ruler shortcut keys: ctrl+r

• Guide Shortcut key: Ctrl +

The information Panel is also important when you use the Ruler tool, and when you measure with the ruler, the information is first in the information Panel. If not, you can check the information (info) option to the window (Windows).

2nd Step: Background Making

Fills the background layer with the #081010 color. Next, create a grid pattern. The document size of the pattern is 20 pixel x 20 pixels, and the background is transparent.

Fill the #ffffff color with the pencil tool and create a pattern as shown in the picture.

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