Photoshop Facial Beauty tips: Whitening, shiny, moisturizing skills

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One, dark complexion light up

To the black face whitening, very simple.

The method is as follows:

1, open the picture, build a blank layer.

2, enter the channel, hold down the CTRL key point RGB channel, appear high light constituency.

3, back to the blank layer, fill in the selection of white.

4, the mask with a black brush paint off the part that does not need to be whitened.

5, if too white, can be appropriate to reduce transparency.

Compare the effect:

 Second, the face shine a sweep of light

How to remove the shiny face? Please use PS oil remover.

With the Healing Brush tool, press the ALT key to click outside the high light and start smearing in the high light area.

How to use:

Must be more than 9.0 version

1, open the picture, ctrl+j copy a layer.

2, Execution: Filters--noise--Reduce noise--advanced--per channel:

Red-strength 10--retention details 100%--

Green--strength 10--retention details 6%--

Blue--strength 10--retention details 6%.

3, the implementation: Filter--Sharpening--USM sharpening--80 1.5 4.

Compare the effect:

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