Photoshop Fades Wrinkle Tips

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Open a cute old man photo and press Ctrl+j to copy the layer (this effect uses the original file as much as possible to trim the picture).

Enlarge The view photo, find the repair brush in the toolbox, and carefully observe if there are any more smooth parts.

Press ALT to click on a smooth skin set to fix the source, then let go of the alt small smear on the nearby wrinkles and repeat the "define ➜ fix" step. You may see that the color of the smear is not similar, but when you leave the left button you will see that it is naturally fused again.

Use the [and] keys on your keyboard to quickly scale the brush.

Easy to achieve this effect, press and hold the blank key drag screen, continue to repair other places.

The whole face of the effect, you must have felt that can't say the strange.


Of course, after all, this is a pictures, know that the person in the photo knows what she was like. Wrinkles usually represent life experience and wisdom, it is a natural trace of the years, it may distract attention, but we have to do is to reduce its impact rather than remove it, so this step becomes very important, we want to reduce a little opacity.

Final effect

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