Photoshop Fashion Personalized Cyan portrait photo effect palette Tutorial

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To give you Photoshop software users to detailed analysis to share a fashion personalized cyan portrait photo effect of the palette.
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Here is a picture of the outdoor beauty model that is ready to be turned into a character green and grey:

First, the use of PS to open the character layer, the original photo appears dark yellow, and a bit gray, it is lifeless, we use the copy of the character layer, the normal adjustment into soft light, so that the photo transparent.

Second, open the curve to choose red channel pressure red, so that the photo dark, hair cyan, hair through, effective minus the overall picture of the red, this method of reducing red, fast and convenient.

Third, in order to make the character more clear, the curve chooses the blue channel basket, enhances the penetration degree, this method is the whole plane to lift the blue, lets the photograph be more thorough.

Four, to the character effect to do more real, curve select RGB will layer pressure dark, let the photo color more dignified.

Choose hue/Saturation, red channel: Hue (+12), saturation (-40), lightness 0, this is one-sided only the color of the characters, so that the color of the characters change neutral color hair micro-yellow.

Six, the character's background color is too eye-catching, we use lasso tool, circle the constituency, output color order: 7, 0.94, 165, let the background darker some more real.

Seven, the overall hue/saturation, the choice of cyan channel, Hue 0, saturation-47, lightness-8, the background into a green gray, so that the photos more personality prominent.

Eight, the final USM sharpening, the number 50, radius 2, the width of 0, so that the photos more sharp pressing.

Below is the color of the outdoor beauty model that has been turned into a character green and grey. Photo Gallery:

Well, the above information is small make up to you photoshop this software users to bring the details of the fashion personalized cyan portrait of the color of the effect of the course to share the content of the text, you see the users here, now is very clear how to color palette it, Now, everyone, just go ahead and try to tune yourself up according to the small-weave palette.

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