Photoshop step-by-Step tutorial on cool UFO icons

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Although some of the effect is older, I hope to learn some skills Ah!

But in fact it is not only the effect of older, resources are also more tangled, the original version of the download has a variety of problems.

The download of the font is still valid, Facebook and 3D villain will not have, so everyone free play ha! Your ideas are better ~!! Nonsense finished, now start, come with me to do it!!

This is our final production of UFOs, is not very cute!!

Step 1 Creates a 600*450 pixel document that fills the black background.

Then set the layer style > Gradient overlay, select the radial gradient, the center color is #353535, the edge color is black #000000, and the scaling value is 150%.

Create an oval shape (the color is #595959), which will become the base of our UFO.

Copy this ellipse, click the layer > Copy layer, and change the color to darker gray. (The color in the picture is #424041)

Now copy the first ellipse again, using the direct selection tool to change its top node, as shown in the figure.

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