Photoshop for a little boy with freckles on his skin

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Process is actually not a little new, but I used to a version of the curve freckle, but it can give a friend to wake up, that is learning

When the method is die to move hard back, should use flexibly

This small handsome freckles more serious, freckles contrast is also relatively large, once can not go clean many times, there are many friends in freckle when often

Only pay attention to freckles, ignoring the white blaze, when the freckles are removed after the original freckles around the normal skin is very dazzling, so I also carried out in the end

A clear Gray

Then again the previous tutorial I was in the RGB composite channel adjustment, which is not very sensitive to the color of the friends to observe is not very easy, that

To adjust the channel, we just need to focus on the light and shade, it's easy to see.

A word is to hope that everyone should be based on the different pictures of the flexible use of the method learned

PS Tutorial Artwork:

Effect Chart:

Processing steps:

  • PS image processing
  • PS Grinding tutorial

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