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Photoshop Tutorial Artwork


First of all, I personally think that when you get the original film, do not immediately start drawing, to learn to "review the map" (The forum has related to how to review the map of the tutorial), in the mind to have a search for their own direction, that is about to want a kind of "tone" and color performance, that is, to the effect of their own will be made in the brain a "snapshot ", in the creation continuously to this effect close, unceasingly carries on the modification and the rendering, finally achieves the more satisfying effect." As far as this picture is concerned, the model's eyes are "cold", and the thoughtful look is definitely not happy. The level of early filming was also very high, dressed in a simple, under the background of the decadent more "Leng Yan" shooting theme (in view of my limited level, this is only personal opinion), so with a more lively or warm tone of the overall atmosphere to give this picture set the tone, the effect is not very appropriate. So, a general idea emerged in the mind, to the background of the "cold" to foil the character "beauty" self-confidence, to the color of the warm to contrast the characters complex and substituting "harsh" eyes.

However, the situation is that the background because of dark red and warm, so let us "black and orange" bar.

First take a look at the layer screenshot, as shown

The palette steps are as follows:

First part (background adjustment)

1 Copy the background layer (good habits), as shown in Figure 1

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